Download Winter Break Free

Our album is out today! You can download for FREE/PAY WHAT YOU WANT on Bandcamp –


Winter Break/Leer West Coast Tour


July 5th: Oakland, CA @ 1234 Go Records
420 40th Street #5
w/ Crush, Toner

July 6th: Portland, OR @ Pound Pit
4734 N Williams Ave.
w/ Blowout, Divers, Walter

July 7th: Olympia, WA – TBA

July 8th: Seattle, WA @ Machine Head Brewery
w/ Trashlord +TBA

July 9th: Portland, OR – TBA

July 10th: Sacramento, CA @ The Cafe Colonial
w/ Little Tents +TBA

*July 11th: San Jose, CA – @ The Billy DeFrank Center
938 The Alameda
Think and Die Thinking Fest

*Winter Break only
More info TBA.

Winter Break s/t LP is out!

Our album is out! Stream the album here from Lauren Record’s SoundCloud page. Read a short and dull interview Aaron and I did about it with Noisey here.

Pick up a copy of the record from Lauren Records here (check out the LP/Shirt bundle!) or from Asian Man Records here. Order the cassette tape from Making New Enemies here.

This is late but our music video for “4:49” has also been online. Thanks AVClub for the nice words. Watch it below.

We’ll be having a record release show in a couple of weeks on Friday, May 22nd at VLHS Pomona. Walter Mitty AHMSO and Underground Railroad to Candyland are both also playing and having their record release the same night! Leer will be coming down from San Jose to open the show. Rafa’s Tacos will be serving his wonderful food. It’s going to be a great night and I hope to see you there! Here’s an event page with more details.

The First Post

Hello and welcome to the new Winter Break website. This is the place for official Winter Break news, show dates, music (coming soon!), and more. There are links to the pages at the very top of the page. Here’s a rundown of what each section of this blog is about.

News – This is the homepage. Updates will be posted here in blog form. Find out about what we’re up to by reading this thingy.
Biography – A short introduction to our humble little group
Discography – Listen to our music here. Also included is a detailed chronological list of every release we’ve been a part of.
Media – Some videos and photos of our band I think you should be exposed to
Friends – Other projects you should be checking out (use Google or email us for more info)

you can view our Upcoming Shows listed in the sidebar on the right.

Now onto matters more interesting… Our LP record will be coming out in May. Thanks Aaron and Mike for putting out the record. Making New Enemies will be releasing the album on cassette tape. There will be a record release show happening in Southern California as well. Who knows when a full stream will go up but for now you can listen to the first track we’ve released, “Kirk Camoron”, on our Discography page. I just talked about that earlier so there’s no excuse for getting lost. We hope you enjoy the song.

While we’re waiting for the record to come out, we’ve started writing new music. For me, this new episode is exciting because these are the first songs we’re writing as a three piece band. If you’ve followed the history of our band, then you’ll understand the circumstances and why it’s somewhat worth mentioning. Not sure what these new batch of songs are going to end up being released as but right now the creative fire is burning pretty well. I think it’s the best it’s ever been. Maybe some of the new stuff will be played at our next show. Maybe not. Thanks for reading the first post. – Mark